"JASIS (Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show)" has newly been renamed in a commemoration of the 50th holding celebration of the Analytical Instruments Exhibition(JAIMA EXPO organized by JAIMA) as well as the 35th holding in Tokyo of the Scientific Instruments Show (SIS organized by JSIA).

The name of "JASIS"

includes the nuance of "from Japan", signifying our passion for contributing to the development of science & technologies in the worldwide. 
The name of "JASIS" was chosen from about 577 subscriptions through conducting a public offering in January, 2011. 

It was considered with its suitability for international use considering its receptiveness by overseas countries.

The logo design

In keeping with the concept of "the hub exhibition in Asia in these fields", the logo design is centered on a brush-style typeface that sets off the Japanese and Asian character that conveys "strength", while the other typeface expresses the "refinement" and "precision" of analytical and scientific instruments.

The poster design

articulates the steady growth of JASIS through an image of a tree, reaching straight up, with a thick trunk. 
This symbolizes how analytical and scientific instruments for diverse fields develop from the "trunk" one branch after another, and, thanks to the efforts of many researchers, they "blossom" in various fields to the benefit of people's lives.

As for the catchphrase

"Discover the Future.",

this expresses how JASIS is an event installed with Japan's unique mindset for sophisticated fine technology and product creation, and is implied, as this field's largest exhibition in Asia, to create the fertile ground for the innovation and discoveries inspiring the future business growth.

To enhance the global positioning of "JASIS" by furthering its ability to serve as a global source of information, we are planning concerted promotional activities in Japan, Asia, and other neighboring areas aimed at strengthening cooperation between various leading industries and related organizations.
We cordially appreciate your familiarity and kind support to our "JASIS".

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