JASIS 2017, the Largest Specialist Exhibition of Analytical and Scientific Instruments in Asia

Maximizing the Advantages of Exhibiting with Special Projects to Boost Customers Related to the Life Science Field, Environmental Regulations, Food Product Palatability Evaluation, and Automobiles

On February 3 (Fri.), the Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association (JAIMA; 1-12-3 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054; chaired by Gon-emon Kurihara, president of JEOL Ltd.) and the Japan Scientific Instruments Association (JSIA; 3-8-5 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023; chaired by Hideto Yazawa, president of Dalton Co., Ltd.) will begin receiving application from overseas exhibitors for the Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show 2017 (JASIS 2017), which is scheduled to be held from September 6 (Wed.) to 8 (Fri.) at Makuhari Messe. JASIS is a specialized exhibition of analytical and scientific instruments that the two associations organize.

At JASIS 2017, we plan to further strengthen customer-attracting power by building upon last year's special project, which introduced diverse applications to the themes of "Materials Development and Quality Control," receiving considerable acclaim. In addition, we have planned some enhanced content for the life science field special project, which will enter its fifth year, with the goal of gathering 10,000 customers and further expanding the exhibition.


JASIS stands for Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show. It is a specialized exhibition of analytical and scientific instruments that is organized by JAIMA and JSIA, and it gathers numerous exhibitions from domestic and overseas manufacturers in the field, each year. With more than 20,000 visitors each year, it can be considered Asia's largest exhibition in the field. It has received acclaim from exhibitors as an indispensable exhibition for discovering new customers and outlets, and for business matching for both manufacturers and retailers in this field.

The main features and advantages of exhibiting at JASIS are shown below:

1. More than 70% of visitors comprise those users of analytical and scientific instruments that have the right to purchase instruments, or advise on purchasing decisions.

2. There is a broad visitor base, due to the more than 500 seminars, conferences, and lectures held, targeting a variety of industries and occupations.

3. It is easy for exhibiting companies to grasp the customer's latest needs because new projects are always adopted and the large numbers of visitors wishing to gather the latest information visit the site.

Featured Event at JASIS 2017

At JASIS 2017, through initiatives such as the two special projects below, we aim to attract more than 30,000 total visitors, 500 exhibiting companies, and 1,500 booth spaces.

1) Life Science Innovation Zone

 Zone theme:

A New Era of Analysis and Measurement to Lead the Life Science Market

-Where Healthcare and Medical Treatment Meet

This zone aims to attract 10,000 visitors; keynote lectures, exhibitions, and presentations from business, etc., are planned.

Keynote Address Program[PM1] will cover future possibilities and the current state of advanced analytical instruments for "Scientizing Life."[PM2] Topics ranging from open innovation to business opportunities and how the industrialization of next-generation health care is accelerated by the use of ICT are planned. This Event aims to bring "Japan as No.1" to fruition.

2) Open Solutions Forum

This is a popular forum that was started as a new project in JASIS 2016 and attracted more than 800 customers. At JASIS 2017, continuing from last year's concept that materials development and quality control supports our country's competitiveness in manufacturing, the forum will be reestablished with a greater scale than last year, comprising the three themes of "Environmental Regulations," "Food Product Palatability Evaluation," and "Automobiles."

 Keynote lectures will be given by renowned lecturers, and superior new customers will be attracted from growing markets.

Exhibition Applications

Overseas applications to exhibit will be received online between February 3 (Fri.) and April 10 (Mon.) from the exhibition's home page (  The exhibition area has four categories, as shown below:

1) General Booth Plan

On average, 80% of exhibiting companies use the General Booth Plan, which is ¥430,000 per space (3 m × 3 m = 9 m2)

Additionally, if you exhibit at one or more spaces, you can apply to give a presentation at the jointly-run New Technology Seminar.

The price for giving a presentation at the seminar is ¥90,000 for 25 minutes or ¥150,000 for 50 minutes.

Last year, a plan providing simultaneous interpretation from English to Japanese received great acclaim, and is also available this year at a special price.

(For 25 minutes: Interpreting fee of ¥180,000 becomes ¥120,000. For 50 minutes: Interpreting fee of ¥300,000 becomes ¥180,000.)

2) Life Science Innovation Zone

Including product and poster exhibits, and 25-minute presentations, exhibits can be made from ¥100,000 per space.

3) Mini Solution Area Plan

We are taking applications for general solutions regarding analytical and scientific instruments (contract analysis, sample production, sampling tools, laboratory ware, standard substances, sensors, components, parts, analysis software, databases for analysis, etc.). These can be exhibited from ¥165,000.

For details, check the JASIS website (


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