International Symposium 2017_Analytical and Chemical Societies

Pittcon Session: "New Approaches in Mass Spectrometry for Bioanalytical Applications"

Mass spectrometry is becoming an increasingly popular and powerful tool for bioanalytical applications, revealing new and exciting data. Mass spectrometry allows investigators to map protein-protein interactions and determine protein composition and biomolecular structures with complete molecular specificity. Novel ionization processes, high throughput IMS-MS technologies, and top down mass spectrometry of proteins and biological complexes will be discussed.

German Chemical Society Session: "Proteome analysis to ensure healthy and authentic food"

Recent challenges concerning food quality, such as adulterations or the development of health promoting food, require the use of profiling methods, such as MS-based proteome, peptidome and metabolome analysis. Here, some examples will be highlighted, such as the identification of novel bioactive milk peptides, the use of peptides as novel markers for milk processing conditions or the comprehensive analysis of protein damage occurring during food production.

Organizer: Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association (JAIMA)

Date: Sep. 6 (Wed.) 13:15 - 17:00 (Reception: 12:45 - )

Place: Convention Hall B, 2nd Floor of International Conference Hall

Admission Fee: *Pre-registration required  For Pre-registration, click HERE

Language : English with simultaneous interpretation

Contact: JASIS Office (


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