JASIS 2018, the largest exhibition in Asia specialized in analytical and scientific instruments

~ Optimizing the advantages of exhibiting through special projects related to "Ingredients / Raw Materials" and "The Field of Life Sciences", and strengthening the ability to attract visitors through notification activities using the internet ~

The Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association (JAIMA, 1-12-3 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 101-0054, President: Gon-emon Kurihara, Representative Director and President of JEOL Ltd.) and the Japan Scientific Instruments Association (JSIA, 3-8-5 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo 103-0023, President: Hideto Yazawa, Chairman of the Board, Dalton Co., Ltd.) began taking applications from exhibitors for "JASIS 2018", the exhibition specialized in analytical and scientific instruments, co-hosted by both organizations (September 5 (Wed) through September 7 (Fri), 2018, Makuhari Messe) from January 12 (Fri).


Bird's-eye view of JASIS 2017

At "JASIS 2018", we are further developing special projects which diversely introduce applications based on the theme, which began in 2016, of "Development of Ingredients / Raw Materials and Quality Control". Also, with the theme of "The Role of Analytical Instruments and Advanced Biopharmaceuticals/Healthcare", we plan to enhance the contents of the special project attended by many in 2017 in the field of life sciences, along with strengthening the ability to attract visitors through the internet, we are targeting further growth as an exhibition.

[About JASIS]

JASIS stands for "Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show", the exhibition specialized in analytical and scientific instruments, co-hosted by the Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association and the Japan Scientific Instruments Association. Every year it is comprised of many exhibitors including domestic and overseas leading manufacturers in this field. Total visitors exceed 20,000 each year, and it is one of the largest exhibition in Asia in this field. Whether from the manufacturing or sales industries in this field, this exhibition is highly regarded among exhibitors as indispensable for discovering new customers, developing sales channels and business matching to connect users and providers with optimal solutions.

The main features and advantages of exhibiting at JASIS include the following:

  1. Over 70% of visitors are users of analytical and scientific instruments, and either have purchase decision authority for equipment, or are in the position to make recommendations on the purchase decision.
  2. There are roughly 500 seminars, conferences and lectures conducted, targeting various industry sectors and occupations, so visitors represent a broad spectrum.
  3. Through constantly incorporating new projects, a large number of visitors seeking to gather the latest information are attracted, making it easy for exhibitors to grasp the latest customer needs.

[JASIS 2018 Special Projects]

With the following two special projects, JASIS 2018 is targeting a scale of total visitors over 30,000, 500 exhibitor institutions, and 1,500 booths.

1) Open Solutions Forum

Started in 2016, a total of 1,619 were in attendance in 2017, double the number of persons in the previous year. The concept of "Development of ingredients / raw materials and quality control supports Japan's manufacturing competitiveness" will be continued in 2018, and the respective themes over the 3 days have been decided as "Regulations on Phthalates", "Fragrance and Odor" and "Next-generation Batteries". Programs are being organized that will allow introduction of a wider range of applications, based mainly in the environment, food products and automobiles. In order to allow for larger attendance, a special theatre is being established within the JASIS Exhibition Hall for 200 persons, exceeding 2017. Combining keynote presentations by prominent lecturers with announcements by exhibitors, this project is designed to allow effective approaches to new and valued customers.

2) Life Sciences Innovation Zone

2018 will be the sixth year for this project in the field of life science, and a total of over 10,000 participated in 2017. This time, under the theme "The Role of Analytical Instruments and Advanced Biopharmaceuticals/Healthcare", in a specially established zone within the JASIS Exhibition Hall, many keynote presentations focused on new technologies required in these fields are being organized, aiming to attract visitors. Also, preparations such as exhibition space, presentation halls, business negotiation lounges etc., are being made with the aim of making this a base for disseminating technology information leading the life sciences market for enterprises and institutions. Picking up on the potential for advanced analytical instruments to "make life into science", in a society seeing accelerated evolution through ICT, we will provide topics aiming at business opportunities generated from open innovation, and making "Japan as No.1".

[Notification activities for JASIS 2018]

"JASIS WebExpo" will be hosted using the internet in order to strengthen the ability to attract visitors for JASIS 2018.

Prior to hosting JASIS 2018 (early period), popular lecture videos from 2017 will be disclosed. Since registration in advance for JASIS 2018 is required to view these contents, this will serve to promote registration in advance for JASIS 2018, as well as aiming to raise expectations for JASIS 2018, allowing those registered to 'attend' popular lectures from 2017 prior to coming to JASIS 2018.

[Application to exhibit]

Applications to exhibit will be taken from Japan between January 12 (Fri) through March 12 (Mon), and from overseas from February 5 through April 9 (Mon), to be submitted online on the JASIS website ( The 4 categories for exhibition include the following:

1) General booth

The basic exhibition standard which accounts for 80% of exhibitors every year is ¥280,000 per booth (3m x 3m = 9m2, member price). Non-member firms are required to pay an additional ¥150,000 (consumption tax is separate in both cases). Exhibiting at more than 1 booth qualifies you to apply to present at new technology explanation briefings and the Open Solutions Forum held jointly at JASIS 2018. The price for presenting at a new technology briefing is ¥90,000 for a 25-minute slot, and ¥150,000 for a 50-minute slot.

2) Life Sciences Innovation Zone

It is possible to exhibit for ¥100, 000 per booth (consumption tax not included), which includes exhibiting products and posters, making a 25-minute presentation, and right to use the business negotiation lounge.

3) Open Solutions Forum

From general booth exhibitor, we are taking applications for a maximum of 18 titles. The price per title (25-minute presentation) is ¥90,000 (consumption tax not included).

4) Mini Solutions Corner

We are taking applications for general solutions related to analytical and scientific instruments (consignment analysis, creating test samples, sampling tools, laboratory instruments, standard substances, sensors, components, parts, analysis and interpretation software, their related databases, etc.). The exhibition price for members is ¥95,000, and for non-members is ¥165,000 (consumption tax not included).

[Explanation briefings for taking applications to exhibit]

Explanation briefings for taking applications to exhibit (for those considering to become exhibitors) will be held at the JAIMA conference room (Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo) as follows:

  • February 9 (Fri): General Explanation Briefing (about JASIS overall)
  • February 16 (Fri): Briefing on the Life Sciences Innovation Zone

(*Schedule is subject to change)

Details can be checked on the JASIS website (

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