JASIS WebExpo 2019 広告掲載のご案内

JASIS WebExpo ® 2020-2021, Digital Marketing on JASIS 2020, will start prior to JASIS 2020 (from September to middle of Novemmber) and posterior to JASIS 2020 (until Middle of March, 2021).
You can promote your products with advertisement on JASIS WebExpo. Your advertising will be available from post JASIS until middle of December. JASIS WebExpo ® 2020-2021 will contain Conference Videos at JASIS and JASIS exhibiting company promotion contents (only for JASIS 2020 exhibitor) .

JASIS WebExpo ® 2019 started prior to and posterior to JASIS 2019. Many JASIS WebExpo visitors watched conference video, downloaded the conference presentations and exhibitors' brochures.

  • More than 11,000 : Total No. of JASIS 2019 WebExpo visitors
  • More than 15,000 : Total views of Exhibitors' contents
  • 40min.: Average time to view
  • More than 20,000 : Total views of contents


Exhibit Fee 90,000 JPY x 1.1 (consumption tax)

Include two advertisements
[PDF (max 20MB per one file) and the linkage into your website. ]

Exhibit Documents

Application Deadline

Deadline to submit the form is July 30, 2020