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■Business details

Micro emission has original plasma source "Liquid Electrode Plasma". It was developed by JAIST. It realizes atomic emission spectrometry without Ar gas.
Micro emission provides two types of small elemental analyzer, MH-6000A and MH-5000. Customer can use them without special installation work.

■Highlights & Exhibit products

Two types of very small elemental analyzer for solution based on liquid electrode plasma emission spectrometry are displayed. They can analyze approx. 60 elements from light elements including Lithium and Berylium to heavy metals.

< Portable elemental analyzer MH-6000A >
- L310mm, W160mm, H195mm, 4.4kg
- Flow analysis with tube pump
- Two spectrometers embedded

< Ultra compact elemental analyzer MH-5000 >
- L204mm, W105mm, H114mm, 1.4kg
- Handheld

■Products Details

  • Detection limits

    The experimental result with single element standard.

  • New proposal: on-site analysis flow

    Manufacturing staff can analyze on-site and timely with chemical analyst support.

  • Portable elemental analyzer MH-6000A

    Portable elemental analyzer MH-6000A installed image with tubing pup and PC.

  • Compact elemental analyzer MH-5000

    Ultra compact elemental analyzer MH-5000 installed image with PC.

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