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■Business details

We introduce extensive vacuum components range, Aluminum vacuum technology, oxide ceramic, oxide single crystal parts, components as well as equipment which includes these parts and components.

■Highlights & Exhibit products

Electrical and optical feedthroughs, vacuum and clean room use cables, connectors, accessories and other vacuum components are presented.
Aluminium flanges, fittings, tube connections including vacuum and clean process use, Pyrex and Quartz components, as well as chain clamps and metal seals are introduced.

Moreover, with support of distributors we introduce these Czech products.
STEYNES Limited : AGICO - magnetometers, LOOPER - antennas
OPTOPIA : MEOPTA - optical equipment and components
WIKILOOK : MERKUR - toy and laboratory building kit
KOLIBRIK - electronics and software for fuel cell testing

■Products Details

  • VYTEK - Extreme Environment Solutions

    Electrical & optical connectivity for vacuum (Allectra), Aluminum & glass fittings (Biallec)

  • Magnetometers for Gological Survey

    Magnetometers for rock magnetism and paleomagnetism measurements (AGICO - distributed by STEYNES)

  • Amateur Radio Antennas

    Magnetic Loop Antennas (Looper Systems - distributed by STEYNES)

  • OPTOPIA - Laser and Optics Professionals

    Optical components and systems for Semiconductor, Aviation and Projection industries (MEOPTA)

  • A Toy or Laboratory Building Kit

    Set of metal parts, which can be used to build almost everything (MERKUR - distributed by WIKILOOK)

  • Electronics for Fuel Cell Testing

    Potentiostats, zero voltage loads, monitors and controllers (KOLIBRIK.NET)

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