Japan Science and Technology Agency (Advanced Measuring Technology)


Summary of four Research and Development Programs

[SENTAN] (Development of Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems)

Development of Measurement and Analysis Systems to Meet the World's Most Advanced Research Needs

Creative and original R&D is a key to generating innovation. To support these activities, JST promotes the development of systems and technologies for advanced measurement and analysis.

[A-STEP] (Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-Driven R&D)

Working Toward Practical Application of University Research Output

This program supports industry-academia collaborative R&D across a wide range of phases to develop commercial applications of research output generated by basic research.

[START] (Project for Creating STart -ups from Advanced Research and Technology)
Aiming for commercialization of seed technologies from academia, START is developing business/intellectual property(IP)strategies by combining public funding and private sector's know-how before foundation of start-up companies. As Project Promoter units, commercialization experts provide hands-on support to the researchers with promising seed technologies.

[SUCCESS] (SUpport program of Capital Contribution to Early-Stage companieS)

Fostering new business

"SUCCESS" is to invest in start-up companies which attempt to translate the outputs from JST-funded R&Ds into practical application. Not only seed money but also supports from human and technical points of view can be offered to these companies.

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