New Technology Presentations Free JASIS Office has been not accepted each program's registration. Please confirm the contact person of the seminar you would like to attend
JASIS Conferences Charge / Free Please confirm the admission fee or advance registration at Conference Program Page except the following seminars
Pre-registration has been closed.
Science Seminar "Einstein's Cosmic Melody - Challenges of KAGRA & Unveiling Mysteries of Universe with Gravitational Wave Astronomy" Free

Pre-registration: Required

Pre-registration has been closed.
Featured Seminar "Analytical and Scientific Instruments and Japanese Pharmacopoeia" Free
Open Solutions Forum® Free
JAIMA Symposium
"Innovation creation by measurement and analysis platform"
JAIMA Seminar 1 - 12 Free
International Conference Session 1 - 5 Free
Keynote Addresses of "Life Science Innovations zone" Free
Life Science Innovations Forum 1 - 4 Free
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