Getting to Makuhari Messe From Airport

From Narita Airport

By Expressway Bus

From Narita Airport

From Narita Airport: Approximately 45 minutes
Adults: ¥900 (Children: ¥450 )

The Limousine Bus leaves outside the 1st floor Arrival Lobby. The bus stop to Makuhari can be found below.
Narita Airport Terminal 1
Narita Airport Terminal 2

By Train

From Narita Airport
Open and spacious interior cabin !
Comfortable Seats !
From Haneda Airport

By Limousine Bus

From Haneda Airport

From Haneda Airport: Approximately 60 minutes
Adults: ¥1,150 (Children: ¥580 )
Timetable is HERE

Haneda Airport Terminal1

This is the Limousine Bus ticket vending machine at No. 6 Bus Stop outside the South Wing. After purchasing your ticket board the bus for Messe at Bus Stop No. 13.
Limousine bus ticket counters may be found in the Central and North and South Wing areas of the Terminal 1 arrival lobby.
After deplaning you will see a Limousine Bus ticket counter on the left. To the right is an orange lit vending machine which provides instructions in English.

Haneda Airport Terminal2

By Train

From Haneda Airport
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