In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Analytical Instruments Exhibition (JAIMA EXPO organized by JAIMA) and the 35th Anniversary of the Scientific Instruments Show (SIS organized by JSIA), the two shows were unified in 2012 under the new moniker "JASIS (Japan Analytical & Scientific Instruments Show)"

The Name

The abbreviation JASIS includes the nuance of 'from Japan' signifying our passion for contributing to the development of science and technology worldwide. "JASIS" was selected from 577 suggestions solicited from the public in 2011 as it could be readily understood internationally.

The logo design

In keeping with the concept of 'hub exhibition in Asia', the design is centered around a brush-style typeface that sets off the character that signifies "Strength" while the other typeface expresses the "refinement" and "precision" of analytical and scientific instruments.

Poster Design

With its plethora of unique ideas and latest technologies the focus is on "JASIS"; the exuberance of the future is expressed simply by the boundless spread of vivid colors. A place where new discoveries articulate an even brighter future....That is "JASIS" On Earth, where vivid greenery, nature, animals and towering structures coexist together, there is a hint of Japan as seen in the design of motifs such as Mr. Fuji, the Sky Tree tower and a Torii shrine gate.

The Slogan

"Discover the Future."

"Discover the Future" expresses how JASIS, as the leading scientific and analytical instruments show in Asia, showcases Japan's high level of precision technology and product creation thus cultivating fertile ground for innovation and future business growth.

In order to enhance the global standing of JASIS, by furthering its ability to serve as a global source of information, we are planning concerted activities in Japan, Asia and neighboring countries in order to strengthen cooperation among leading industries and related organizations.

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