The Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association and the Japan Scientific Instruments Association (hereinafter referred to as the "Associations") acknowledges the importance of protecting personal information, complies with all relevant laws and regulations, and makes efforts to protect personal information by having all the officers and employees observe internal regulations to protect personal information.

1. Purpose for use of personal information


Personal information provided in inquiries regarding businesses of the Associations, applications for lecture meetings and other events, visitor registration, or similar occasions shall be shared only with the offices of the Associations and related committees, and shall be used for the following purposes:

  1. Provision of an admission ID card and information related to an exhibit of the Associations for which entrance registration has been completed.
  2. Provision of a reception ticket and information related to a conference, seminar, or other meeting to which attendance has been requested.
  3. Provision of a receipt for exhibit booth charges upon request to set up a booth, and of information required to run the booth.
  4. Provision of information on businesses hosted by the Associations or related committees.
  5. Intended for improvement of exhibits, seminars and other services and for planning related service programs.
  6. Making requests for comments and opinions


Personal information provided in inquiries, applications, or at receipt of attendance concerning lecture meetings, seminars, or other events hosted by the Associations in collaboration with other organizations shall be shared with those corporations and organizations stated as sponsors of the relevant lecture meeting, seminar or event on JASIS WEB, the offices of the Associations, and any other related committees, and shall be used for the following purposes.

  1. Provision of a reception ticket and information related to a conference, seminar, or other event to which attendance has been requested.
  2. Provision of information related to an exhibit.
  3. Provision of information on businesses hosted by the offices of the Associations, related committees, corporations or organizations stated as sponsors of the relevant lecture meeting, seminar, or event.
  4. Improvement of exhibits, seminars and other services and the planning of related service programs.
  5. Request of comments and opinions

2. Provision of personal information to third parties

The Associations shall not disclose personal information to a third party except in the following cases:

  1. Cases in which consent is received from the person
  2. Cases in which where all or part of the handling of personal information is entrusted to an external party, when the personal information concerned is handled within the scope of the achievement of the purpose of use
  3. Cases in which provision of personal information is required or admissible by court or law
  4. Cases in which information is disclosed in a manner that prevents individual identification

In addition, when entering the Associations' conference venues, new technology briefing venues, conference venues, and the booths of exhibitors (companies and organizations) at such venues, individuals may be required to have the bar code read of the admission ID card that is required for passing through the entrance. On such occasions, personal information of such visitors will be shared with the relevant exhibitor organization, new technology briefing lecturer organization, conference lecturer organization, seminary presenter organization, and the Associations. Please note that visitors may later receive information or notifications from the exhibitor or lecturer organization by email or post.

3. Management of personal information

The Associations shall supervise office employees and business consignees to ensure proper handling of personal information, and shall take measures to prevent leakage, destruction, or falsification of personal information. When providing personal information to exhibitor organizations or lecturer organizations, compliance will be requested with cautions for use of personal information by exhibitors.

4. Disclosure, addition, modification, amendment, and deletion of registered personal information

Upon request from the individual, the Associations shall disclose, add, modify, amend or delete registered personal information. Such a request can only come from the person in question.

5. Website

  • We use cookies and web beacons in some parts of our website in order to improve and alter the website for ensuring better satisfaction with the services in the website.
  • When we ask you to provide personal information through the website of the Associations, we ensure the safety of the information by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology.
  • We shall not be responsible in any way for the safety of personal information that you provide to third party websites linked from our website.

6. Acquisition and usage of attribute information and user action history that does not identify individuals

  • This website uses programs provided by ad serving vendors to conduct behavioral targeting advertising (advertising method where advertisements are delivered in accordance with user interests, based on site browsing history, etc.).
  • In doing so, cookies are used in order to obtain information regarding web browsing history (however, this does not include any information that can identify individuals).
  • The ad serving vendors use these cookies to deliver advertisements based on information regarding access to certain websites in the past.

Users wishing to disable these ads may do so by accessing the opt-out page of the ad serving vendors and disabling the cookies.

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This "Privacy Policy" is subject to change without prior notice. Please refer the latest version before using our website.


For inquiries regarding personal information, please contact us by e-mail at

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