New Technology Presentations given by exhibitors and seminars/conferences held by academic institutions and organizers

Held at International Conference Hall of Makuhari Messe 262 themes, approximately 80% of visitors attended in 2020

Accompanying the on-site exhibition is New Technology Presentations
where there is an exchange of information related to analytical
and scientific instruments and technologies.
JASIS is not just a showcasing of new products but a place for "analytical solution".

■ JASIS 2021 Program

  • JASIS Hot Topic Seminars

    Experts will give lectures and explanations on topics related to "Solving various problems currently required by society" for each of the themes of interest in the analytical and scientific instrument industry!

  • New Technology Presentation

    Engineers of the exhibitor introduce the latest information on new products and new technologies. The new technology briefing session, which supports the exhibition as a place to provide various information related to analysis and physics and chemistry equipment, from "New products", "New technology", and "Basics to know-how related to analysis and measurement", an opportunity to receive explainations from multiple companies.

■ Venue information

JASIS Topics Seminar and New Technology Information Session will be held at the Makuhari Messe International Conference Hall. Please move with plenty of time.

●Access to seminar rooms