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This time, under the concept "development of material・substance and quality control supports the competitiveness in manufacturing in our country", we are going to introduce the issues and solutions of the instrumental analysis in three fields of "automobile" "Evaluating the Taste of Food" and "Evaluating Regulations".

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Sept. 6 (Wed.)AM Sept. 6 (Wed.)PM Sept. 7 (Thu.)AM Sept. 7 (Thu.)PM

Sept. 8 (Fri.)AM Sept. 8 (Fri.)PM

Sept. 6 (Wed.)AM

EU RoHS2 Directive and Risk Management

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Speaker Tetsuya Matsuura(Tokyo Environmental Management Laboratory President)
Date Sept. 6 (Wed.) 10:30-11:10

Recent updates on environmental regulations in overseas
- RoHS2 Directive,Emission testing (GREENGUARD,CaProp65) and analysis tips-

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Exhibitor Shimadzu Techno-Research,Inc.
Date Sept. 6 (Wed.) 11:15-11:40

Representative results require adequate sample preparation.
Preparation techniques with the different way of milling.

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Exhibitor Verder Scientific Co., Ltd.
Date Sept. 6 (Wed.) 11:45-12:10

Explanation of RoHS directive substances screening analysis method

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Date Sept. 6 (Wed.) 12:15-12:40

Sept. 6 (Wed.)PM

Expanding chemSHERPA as a global standard

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Speaker Hiroaki Machii(Principal Deputy Director, Chemical Management Policy Division, METI)
Date Sept. 6 (Wed.) 13:25-14:05

Explanation of revised RoHS Directive and analytical methods focused on newly regulated substances

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Exhibitor JEOL Ltd.
Date Sept. 6 (Wed.) 14:10-14:35

Rapid screening analysis of phthalate esters on hazardous substances contained in the RoHS2 Directive

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Exhibitor Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation
Date Sept. 6 (Wed.) 14:40-15:05

Chemistry management method with PerkinElmer's NEW instruments of AVIO500(ICP-OES) and NexION2000(ICP-MS).

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Exhibitor PerkinElmer Japan Co., Ltd.
Date Sept. 6 (Wed.) 15:10-15:35

Sept. 7 (Thu.)AM

Quality Evaluation of Agricultural Products

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Speaker Hideki Horie(Leader, Tea Chemistry and Health Benefits Unit, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)
Date Sept. 7 (Thu.) 10:30-11:10

Instrumental analysis methods for elucidating taste of food

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Exhibitor JEOL Ltd.
Date Sept. 7 (Thu.) 11:15-11:40

Role of multi-organoleptic system and sensory evaluation and its integration to predict palatability

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Exhibitor Alpha M.O.S. Japan K.K.
Date Sept. 7 (Thu.) 11:45-12:10

A direct mass spectrometry, SIFT-MS, that enables real-time monitoring of "odor fluctuation" from foods, and its applications

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Exhibitor Kinryo Electric Co.,Ltd.
Date Sept. 7 (Thu.) 12:15-12:40

Sept. 7 (Thu.)PM

Application of Metabolomics for Analysis of Food Function

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Speaker Eiichiro Fukusaki, PhD.(Department of Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University)
Date Sept. 7 (Thu.) 13:25-14:05

Effective Food Metabolomics Approach for Investigation of Flavor Components, Improvement of Quality, and Visualization of Additional Values

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Date Sept. 7 (Thu.) 14:10-14:35

An objectivity evaluation and business utilization with the taste sensor

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Date Sept. 7 (Thu.) 14:40-15:05

Relationship between deliciousness and health typically investigated through the measurement of retronasal aroma

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Exhibitor Shoreline Science Research, Inc.
Date Sept. 7 (Thu.) 15:10-15:35

Sept. 8 (Fri.)AM

Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle Development and Toward the Hydrogen Society

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Speaker "Takashi Moriya(Honda R&D Co.,Ltd.Technology Development Division 5 Senior Chief Engineer)"
Date Sept. 8 (Fri.) 10:30-11:10

Nanoscopic Observation of Lubrication Interfaces Contributing to Energy Saving.

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Date Sept. 8 (Fri.) 11:15-11:40

SIFT-MS: a form of direct mass spectrometry that enables high throughput, real-time analysis of Vehicle Interior Air Quality.

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Exhibitor Kinryo Electric Co.,Ltd.
Date Sept. 8 (Fri.) 11:45-12:10

3D X-Ray Microscopic CT Scanner / Yamato Scientific Corresponds to dynamic energy range by a variey of models.

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Exhibitor Yamato Scientific Co.,Ltd.
Date Sept. 8 (Fri.) 12:15-12:40

Sept. 8 (Fri.)PM

Development of state-of-the-art techniques of analysis for next generation batteries

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Speaker Yoshiharu Uchimoto (Kyoto University, Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Department of Interdisciplinary Environment)
Date Sept. 8 (Fri.) 13:25-14:05

Evaluation of automobile materials using highly advanced spectroanalysis techniques

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Exhibitor JASCO Corporation
Date Sept. 8 (Fri.) 14:10-14:35

Automated Particle analysis using SEM-EDS, according to ISO16232, Cleanliness of components of fluid circuits

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Exhibitor Oxford Instruments KK
Date Sept. 8 (Fri.) 14:40-15:05

Characterization of Automotive Materials by Using X-ray Analysis

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Exhibitor Rigaku Corporation
Date Sept. 8 (Fri.) 15:10-15:35

Innovation for Future Mobility: Spectroscopic analysis technologies that contributes to development of next-generation vehicles

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Exhibitor HORIBA, Ltd.
Date Sept. 8 (Fri.) 15:40-16:05
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