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Voices from Exhibitors of Life Science Innovation Zone(2016)(2:12)
Voices from Visitors of Life Science Innovation Zone(2016)(1:55)
Voices from Exhibitors of Open Solutions Forum(2016)(1:55)
Voices from Visitors of Open Solutions Forum(2016)(1:44)
Introduction about Exhibition and Visitors(0:47)
Introduction of Exhibitor & Exhibition(0:34)
Voices from Exhibitors(0:58)
Voices from Visitors(0:14)
From Presenters of New Technology Seminar(1:04)
From Audiences of New Technology Seminar(0:45)
Conferences & Seminars(0:56)
Best Plan to Visit JASIS(0:51)
Advanced Diagnosis innovation Zone(2014)(1:23)
Voices from Exhibitors and Visitors of Advanced Diagnosis innovation Zone(2014)(0:15)
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