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Primary instruments to be exhibited

XRF Analytical Microscope, Raman Microscope, AFM-Raman, Spectrofluorometer, Nano Particle Analyzer, Laser Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyzer, C/S/O/N/H Analyzer, Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy (GD-OES), Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, Cathodoluminescence Analyzer, Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging, Grating, pH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Ion Meter, FTIR Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer, Chemical Concentration Monitor, Oil Concentration Monitor, Industrial Water Quality Monitor, Infrared Thermometer, Mass Flow Controller, Capacitance Manometer, Plasma Emission Controller, Residual Gas Analyzer, Electrification Test Facility, Customization, etc.


Recent -Once in every 100 years- changes in the Mobility field, such as the development of Electrification and Autonomous Driving, affect the way of resource efficiency and circulation systems including energy sources. Also in the Bio Technology/Life Science fields, signs of change are seen, such as new measurement and control methods are required for the new drug creation / regeneration medicine.
At the JASIS 2018 HORIBA booth, we introduce a total of technologies and applications that respond to your new analysis needs, focusing on the Mobility, Energy and Biotechnology / Life Science market, from research and development to production process, including with new products.
In addition, we conduct free inspection service of pH meters and hold mini seminars in our booth. Analysis consultation by engineers is also available.
We are waiting for your visit from the bottom of our heart.

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