Micro Emission Ltd.

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Micro Emission Ltd.
- MH-6000A portable elemental analyzer, cuvettes and accessories
- MH-5000 ultra compact elemental analyzer, cuvettes and accessories

- TL-110 Spectral Transmittance Meter


< Collaboration booth of Micro Emission Ltd. and TOKAI OPTICAL Co., Ltd. >

Micro Emission displays compact elemental analyzers, TOKAI OPTICAL displays spectral transmittance meter. We can demonstrate them in our booth.

Micro Emission Ltd.
Novel patented technology, Liquid Electrode Plasma, realizes reliability of plasma emission spectrometry in compact body. More than 40 elements are detectable with quartz cell. You can get the result in short time by yourselves. We do not need followings.
< No Argon gas > < No air duct > < No utility work >

- MH-6000A portable elemental analyzer
It is small desktop flow-injection model with pump. New sapphire cell make us enable to analyze Si or alkaline solution directly. MH-6000A can work inside the continuous industrial plants. It analyzes concentration of some elements by non-chemist.
- MH-5000 ultra compact elemental analyzer
It has been exported to 10 countries. It suits mobile analysis and academic use. Pretreatment volume is minimum because the requested sample volume is 80µL. It just fits green chemistry.

TOKAI OPTICAL is the manufacture and sale of optical thin-film processing, such as anti-reflective, high-reflection mirror and compact measuring device.

- TL-110 Spectral Transmittance Meter
You can measure the transmittance of transparency colored substrates and lends. You can easily measure the spectral transmittance of glass, plastic, film, and lends. Measured data is saved as a CSV file on the PC connected to TL-110. Low power consumption and long service life are performed by LEDs and simple design.

The Optical Products division of TOKAI OPTICAL Co., Ltd. has the advanced technology to produce high performance optical coating products which have been getting more important for high-end medical, bioengineering and nano fabrication instruments.

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