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Model name : Genius NM3G
Gases produced: Nitrogen
Applications: LCMS, LCMSMS

The Genius NM3G Nitrogen Generator is designed specifically for use with any LC/MS instrument. This Premium model offers safeguards that are unique to Peak Scientific generators and effectively deliver reassurance and confidence for critical functions.
Model name : Precision Hydrogen Trace
Gases produced: Hydrogen
Applications: GC, GC-FID

-Suitable for Carrier Gas and Flame Gas at trace detection limits
-Proven PEM Technology to generate Hydrogen safely and reliably
-Regenerative PSA Dryers to ensure highest level of purity
-Automatic loading pump as standard
-Maintenance limited to replacing de-ionizer cartridge
-Short and easy start-up and shutdown procedures
-Small and stackable
-Creates Hydrogen on demand, minimal storage of Hydrogen in the system
-Internal leak detection with automatic shutdown features
-Series option to combine multiple units for higher flow requirements
-Remote shutdown
-GC in Oven Hydrogen Leak Detector available as an Optional extra


Peak Scientific is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture and support of high performance gas generators for analytical laboratories. Established in the UK in 1997 near Glasgow (Scotland), where our corporate Headquarters, and high-tech manufacturing and R&D facilities reside, Peak Scientific boasts a significant local presence on every continent - including major operations in North America, China and India.
With two decades of experience in pioneering reliable gas generator technology, Peak Scientific develops market-leading nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air systems mainly for the field of LC-MS and GC.
What differentiates us is our world-class technical support and on-going service care throughout the lifespan of generators, wherever you may be in the world.

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