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Primary instruments to be exhibited

<NEW> Portable gas detector
Research facility gas management with 1 equipment
Photoemission Yield Spectroscopy in Air (PYSA):AC series
Easy measurement for work function, ionization potential
Portable multi X-ray analyzer:DF-01
Analysis for cultural property, structure. Light weight that can easily transportable
Nox,SO2 high sensitivity gas detector
Chemiluminescence methodvand UV fluorescence method:High sensitivity,low cost andwide detection range
Portable Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) detector
Low level concentration gas detectable
For O2(Hypoxia), CO, CO2 Small sized gas monitor 600series
Best for research facility safety monitoring
Portable multi gas monitor
Safety management for various gas species with 1 equipment
VOC detector:GX-6000,Tiger, Cub
Best detector for VOCs with PID sensor
Formaldehyde detector:FP-31
Light weight, simple operation, low level concentration detectable


Sensor Technology for Over 70 Years!!
Our theme [Let`s accelerate‼ Pioneer for Safety! Innovation for Analysis!]
For Analysis>
Photoemission Yield Spectrophotometer in Air! Easy measurement for ionization potential and work function!!
Portable multi X-ray Analyzer! XRD+XRF combination help you make identification!!
For Technology>
Made in Japan! Reliable portable IMS detector for hazmat!!
For Risk Assessment>
Best PID sensor for VOCs detection! Over 700 species of gas detectable!!
For Safety>
Combustible gas, oxygen, toxic gas! Various sensors to meet your needs!! Various gas detectors and Analyzers exhibited!!
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