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Primary instruments to be exhibited

Photoemission Yield Spectroscopy in Air (PYSA):AC series
Easy measurement for work function, ionization potential
Portable multi X-ray analyzer:DF-01
Analysis for cultural property, structure. Light weight that can easily transportable
Portable Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) detector
Low level concentration gas detectable
<NEW> Portable gas monitor : GX-3R / GX-3R Pro
Research facility gas management with 1 equipment
For O2(Hypoxia), CO, CO2 Small sized gas monitor 600series
Best for research facility safety monitoring
Portable multi gas monitor
Safety management for various gas species with 1 equipment
VOC detector:GX-6000,Tiger, Cub
Best detector for VOCs with PID sensor
Formaldehyde detector:FP-31
Light weight, simple operation, low level concentration detectable


Sensor Technology for 80 Years!!
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For Analysis>
Photoemission Yield Spectrophotometer in Air! Easy measurement for ionization potential and work function!!
Portable multi X-ray Analyzer! XRD+XRF combination help you make identification!!
For Technology>
Made in Japan! Reliable portable IMS detector for hazmat!!
For NEW Safety solution>
Bluetooth mounted personal gas monitor model GX-3R Pro, that can be communicated with smartphones and tablets!!
For Risk Assessment>
Best PID sensor for VOCs detection! Over 700 species of gas detectable!!
For Safety>
Combustible gas, oxygen, toxic gas! Various sensors to meet your needs!! Various gas detectors and Analyzers exhibited!!
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