Analytical instruments for laboratory use

Electrochemical analyzers
Optical and spectrophotometric analyzers
Electromagnetic analyzers
Separation analysis apparatus
/Enriched/Extracter apparatus
Thermal analyzers and thermal measuring instruments
Specialized measuring instruments
Miscellaneous analytical instruments for laboratory use

Automation related instruments and information systems

Automation related instruments and information systems

Others analysis allied enterprise

Others analysis allied enterprise

General Laboratory Instruments

Drying Ovens & Heat Treatment Apparatuses
Electric Furnace & Heating Apparatuses
Thermostatic Air Ovens & Thermostatic Baths
Pumps & Compressing/Pressure-reducing Apparatuses
Centrifuge/Filtering Apparatuses
Stirring Apparatuses
Crushing Apparatuses
Refining/Distilling Apparatuses
Sterilizing/Disinfectant Apparatuses
Washing/Cleaning Apparatuses
Microscope & Optical Inspecting App.
Laboratory Apparatus Related Instruments

Laboratory Implements & Consumables

Laboratory Vessels
Bottles & Cases for Storage, etc.
Laboratory Implements
Laboratory Auxiliary Appliances & Disposables

Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory Furniture
Specified Laboratory Room & Related Fittings

Analytical instruments for pollution monitoring

Air pollution analyzers
Air pollution measurement Instruments
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Water pollution analyzers
Offensive odor analyzers
Solid Environmental Measuring Instruments
Sound Level & Vibration Meter
Radiation measuring instruments
Environmental Analytical & Measuring Related Instruments

Analytical instruments for working environmental and safeguarding use

Room environmental analyzers
Environment measuring instruments
Other working environment measuring instruments

Bio technology -related scientific instruments and services

Cell Culture/Specimen Control
Genomics-related instruments
Protein-related instruments
Imaging-related Instruments
Drug Discovery

Physical Quantity & Quality & Industrial Measuring Instruments

MKS Unit Meters & Legal Measuring Instruments
Thermometers & Hygrometers
Optical Quantity/Color Measuring Instruments
Electrical Measuring Instruments & Dsta Process
General Physical Quantity & Quality Measuring Instruments
Industrial Quantity Measuring & Testing Instruments

Testing Instruments

Specialized Measuring & Testing Instruments for each Industrial Field
Environmental Testing Apparatuses

Specialized Equipment for Various Business Fields

Specialized Equipment for Various Business Fields

Analytical instruments for process use

Analyzers for specialized-purpose-process use
Analyzers for continuous multipurpose-process use
Miscellaneous analytical instruments for process use

Clinical test instruments and system

Clinical test instruments
Laboratory automation systems
Laboratory information systems
Bio phenomena test instruments
Miscellaneous clinical instruments and system
Instruments, equipment and other medical-related equipment