Online Exhibition JASIS WebExpo 2022-2023
Online Exhibition JASIS WebExpo 2022-2023
JASIS 2022
JASIS 2022
Exhibition Information


Last year's seminar (digest video)

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Exhibitors List

Go search the exhibitors of your interest from JASIS 2022 Exhibitors List.
More than 300 companies and organizations are exhibiting this year. You may view the products details and highlights at each exhibitor’s page.

Along with analytica in held in Germany (Munich) and Pittcon in the US, this is one of the largest analytical system & solution exhibitions in Asia.

New Technology Presentations

In the New Technology Presentations, engineer or technical expert from each exhibitor reports on their latest products and up-to-date technologies. Check here for the program.

The new technology briefing session, which supports the exhibition as a place to provide various information related to analysis and physics and chemistry equipment, from "New products", "New technology", and "Basics to know-how related to analysis and measurement", an opportunity to receive explainations from multiple companies.

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JASIS WebExpo®

For tips on how to take a virtual stroll in JASIS WebExpo®2022-2023, check here for the site composition and overview.

Visiting a virtual exhibition JASIS WebExpo®, visitors can make the best use of JASIS at Makuhari. During the period, you can access the exhibitors booths from anywhere at any time!


  • 06/07/2022


    1. JASIS 2022 Pre-registration is now open.
    2. JASIS WebExpo (R) 2022-2023 has been opened.
    3. The JASIS official website has been renewed.
    -List of exhibitors and detailed information on exhibitors.
    -Posted the New Technology Presentation program.
    -the New Technology Presentation program download (PDF) posted.
    -Posted the Hot topics seminar program.
    -Introduction of WebExpo.

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